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Amjad Qasemie Rad

Software Developer

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About me



I have skill in any of the following areas, as needed. There may be some more and some less, it depends on the needs. So I need to define my own needs so that these skills are more.

Android PHP Teaching


My field of study is software engineering and I am interested in continuing education in this field. Although I am interested in other fields, such as space science and electronics.

University of Kurdistan, Software Engineering, Bachelor


I wish the world was my desire but I do not say I wish I would say it should be. My interests actually make me my own, but trying to make myself try to get what I want. So my interests are a model of my future that I would like to fight for them

I have to make a cache, so I can fly
باید از قصد بسازم قفسی، تا کنم پرواز